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The Best Microphones For Recording Video



The main two elements to any video are picture and sound. The audio is a crucial component as it can establish your final edit as slick and professional or perhaps not up to standard. People can put up with watching a blurry or pixelated video for a short while but people just won’t watch if the audio is bad and hard to listen to. This is why we believe choosing the right microphones is extremely important.

Over the years we’ve tried and tested several methods of recording audio whilst filming. Keep reading to find out our current microphone options that we believe are good investments to make the sound in your videos even better.

Internal camera microphones do record sound to a decent level, however they certainly aren’t built for a wide range of environments and situations.


We’ve filmed a sit-down video which explains why we love certain microphones and some of our own microphone mistakes!

RODE VideoMic Pro Plus


This microphone definitely improves the quality of your work. The difference in quality from using an internal camera mic to the RODE Pro Plus is insane. The microphone plugs directly into your camera and it runs off the camera battery too.

A really great feature of this microphone is that it turns on automatically when you turn your camera on. This means you don’t have to remember to flick a switch. It may sound like a simple feature but we’ve all been there when you film footage and realise afterwards that you forgot to turn the microphone on!

RODE NTG4 Shotgun Directional Mic


If you have a slightly bigger budget, the RODE NTG4 Shotgun Directional Microphone is a great investment. It produces broadcast sound quality and is made from a rugged metal material.

A blimp is a great accessory for this microphone. It really blocks out any background noise and noises from handling/the wind. It may look a bit funny when you’re filming out and about, but it’s worth it for the quality of sound your video will have.

Our Experiences


Our director/producer Josh Edwards knows just too well how a video can be ruined by bad sound quality… a mistake he definitely won’t be making again!

When Josh was just starting out, he was shooting video in Iceland over an incredible glacial lake. He got some stunning drone footage. It was in that moment that he realised videography was what he wanted to do. He relayed this to the camera and shot a segment of emotional footage. It wasn’t until he watched it back he discovered that his voice couldn’t be heard over the wind.



Investing in the right microphone will ensure your videos are better quality and it will help you avoid any disasters. Choosing the right microphone for you is key and learning how to use it will also help avoid any mistakes. Don’t forget that quality sound is crucial to producing a professional final edit!

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