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Warrington Street Pastors


There are guardian angels out there, you know. Across the country in every town and city, Street Pastors take to the streets every Friday and Saturday tonight to look out for the party-goers and vulnerable of our society.

As part of a campaign to raise money for a new base in the heart of Warrington, we were approached by Warrington Street Pastors and the Warrington BID to create a short documentary showcasing the great work these guys do.

Team Members

Josh Edwards

Jake Johnston



As with any documentary, the questions you ask are important. In order to get the answers you need to thread the film together and tell the story you want to tell, you need to make sure you’re asking the right questions. A lot of thought went into this, juxtaposed to the relatively loose story boarding. With something as run-and-gun as following Street Pastors on a night out, you really can’t foresee or predict what you’re going to film. Just make sure your questions are in place, have a rough idea of what you want and let the night unfold.


Naturally, this was a late one. We met up with the team in Warrington at 10pm and didn’t finish shooting until 4.30am. It was long, hard and tiring, but completely worth it. The key to shooting a doc like this is to always have the camera rolling. With everything happening in real time right in front of you, you really don’t want to miss a thing. It could be a vital clip for the story.


Having nailed down our questions in pre-production, we had all the relevant material we needed for our edit. We started off by stripping down each interview to the relevant soundbites, then joined them together under certain topics. What do the Street Pastors do? How do they help the police? You’ll notice different people chipping in at each part of the story. From this backbone, we then fleshed it out with all of the material we shot out on the streets. If someone was talking about the police, we could cut in a police car. If someone was talking about handing out flip flops, we could cut to the relevant footage of them doing so. Easy.


The video was featured on the brand new Warrington Street Pastors website with a link encouraging people to donate to the fundraiser for their new HQ in the town center. The video is also used at fundraising talks by the team, helping to spread the word, reach their goal and showcase the great work they do.

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