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A Destination With A Difference


At the start of 2018 Northwich BID came to us with the unique challenge of showcasing and promoting Northwich through a destination video. We were thrilled! We knew we had to go big with this one so we called in the cavalry. Working hard for months on end planning, then shooting with an all-star cast including British Olympic legend Beth Tweddle, Mark Radcliffe and many more, we created something we and all of Northwich are really proud of.

Team Members

Ben Harris

Josh Edwards


Using the tag line ‘a destination with a difference’ and with the permission to go all out, planning for this alone took many months of hard work and research. We wanted to craft something that really represented and encapsulated Northwich. There’s a million destination videos out there so, what would make this one unique and stand out? What was it that makes Northwich a destination with a difference? We wrote a dozen scripts and drew up endless storyboards in search of the perfect structure.


To date this is the largest project we’ve worked on. Shooting and executing our vision took place over the course of many months. With so many people and different locations involve, this one it really demonstrated our ability to be flexible, organised and adapt. One week we would be shooting with Beth Tweddle and the next, we’d be sending our drone up above Nunsmere Hall. With Beth, there were the logistics of shooting in public when so many people recognised her. With the drone, we were in a constant battle with the weather. We captured hours of footage, slowly working our way through a huge shot list and script until everything was complete. Phew.


With so much captured, editing was really fun. We were able to try out different scenes and experiment with the camera angles and transitions, stitching everything together to create something that really flowed. We knew that the video had to come in under three minutes in length, so the edit had to be sharp and fast. Every second counted here and by the end, a lot of footage had been left on the cutting floor.


With over 22,000 views in its first 24 hours of release on Facebook and over 680 shares, along with retweets from Beth Tweddle and many others involved, this project was a massive hit! Our clients, Northwich BID, were over the moon and the video now resides on the front page of Visit Northwich’s new website, serving it’s purpose encouraging people to visit from around the country and the world. We love destination videos and we can’t wait to do it all again.

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