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Time Machine


In June 2019, Heritage Open Days hosted the ‘Time Machine’ in Rochdale – a new festival based all around local history and culture.

The festival brought different parts of the local Rochdale community together, sparking conversation about culture and history, uncovering stories never told before. Through this discussion, the locals could then look to the future and have an important input on the future of their town. We were there to capture and document the flavour of the two day event.

Team Members

Josh Edwards


Our clients wanted us to capture the feel of the event. This meant putting together an extensive shot list – one that would see us capture both the environment of Rochdale and the people attending. We set about putting together a list of questions that would spark conversation and bring out the answers we were looking for, with a particular focus on capturing the stories about the history and culture of the town.


Over the course of two days, we filmed the events and candid moments as people mingled and shared stories. Alongside this, we conducted interviews with key players that wove the narrative together. Our biggest challenges came from working with natural light in environments that had many factors out of our control. Josh came away from this shoot as a bit of a Rochdale expert!


Using the answers from our interviews, we were able to thread together a solid narrative and story that formed the backbone of the video. It was then expanded upon with the establishing shots and other B-roll. This festival was all about the people and that’s reflected in the video – it’s through them that you come to understand what the Time Machine festival was created for  and why it’s so important.


The finished video was shared across multiple social platforms, showcasing what ‘Time Machine’ is and why it was so successful. The video was shown to key stakeholders and helped in securing further funding and a future for the festival –  it will now be taken on to other towns around the UK in the future.

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