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Port Loop with Urban Splash


We teamed up with Urban Splash once again to showcase their latest award-winning project at Port Loop – ‘Birmingham’s most exciting new place to live’.

Tasked with capturing ‘House’ (Urban Splash’s ultra-modern factory-built homes) both inside and out, we set about the site with our cameras and drones.

Team Members

Josh Edwards

Jake Johnston


The idea was to showcase the ‘House’ showhome to an online audience and encourage those people to book a viewing. With this in mind, we made sure we read up about the House project and spoke with our clients about what made it so unique and special. This enabled us to put together a tailored shot list as we head to Birmingham knowing exactly what we wanted.


Rolling with two cameras, we were able to work our way systematically through the multiple floors of the showhome. Whilst one focused on wide, establishing shots that we’ve all become accustomed to when watching property videos, the other went for more close-up details. This meant the audience not only has an idea of the space available but also a feel for the lifestyle and what it would be like to live here. We also had time to put the drone up above the brand new public park, built specifically for Port Loop residents!


Using other classic property videos as a guide and inspiration, we set about cutting the footage to a modern, unintrusive beat. The key to any good property video is allowing each piece of footage to ‘breathe’ – giving the audience enough time to take it in and get a feel for the place. 


The Port Loop videos went live across a host of social platforms with an Urban Splash campaign promoting ‘House’, helping to drive more viewings and enquiries.

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