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Now Northwich


Expect the unexpected.

That was the tagline at Now Northwich and it didn’t disappoint. With a vibrant array of international street performers taking to the streets of Northwich, Studio 24-7 was tasked with documenting the day, capturing the excitement and all-out-assault on the senses in a bold, stunning music video. The event really put Northwich on the map – we’re hoping to see this back in town next year, bigger and better!

Team Members

Josh Edwards

Ben Harris

Dan Bird


This was a huge event. Our team had to ensure they knew where to be and when. Working closely with the organisers, we built up our shot list and plan to ensure we covered everything we needed to. Timing and organisation was everything here. This also meant key preparation with our gear. Every battery had to be charged and ready to go, every memory card wiped, backups stored in our bags in an easy-to-reach location. It may seem simple, but it’s often the small, simple things that really make the difference.


The day of the shoot was as expected – non-stop run and gun. Because of our planning beforehand however, we were more than comfortable. Using two cameramen, we were able to cover the event from all angles, going above and beyond what the client had expected in terms of the footage and shots collected. For the big moments we were both present, whilst other periods, with multiple things happening in different locations, required us to split and spread our resources. The only thing left to worry about was getting eaten by dinosaurs!


The vast amount of footage we captured on the day gave us a great pool to work from. Using a bold anthem of a soundtrack that encapsulated the festival, we crafted a pulsating, high-energy music video. It’s one of our most favourite edits to date! We also utilised Dan’s skills in graphics to add the moody finishing touches to the intro and outro.


The finished edit was handed over to our social media team and spread across the various platforms, as well as being used by partners and organisers of the festival to showcase its success and secure funding for 2019.

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