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Northwich BID 2 Promo


With the end of the first five-year term on the horizon, Northwich BID came to us for a promotional video.

With the future of the BID put to local business owners in a yes/no ballot, they needed a piece that would encourage viewers to vote ‘yes’ to the proposed second five-year term. Studio 24-7 got to work and produced an emotive piece that reflected on all the brilliant work the BID had carried out in the town during the past five years, showcasing all that would be lost if it was discontinued. It won hearts and minds across the town as a landslide 77% of businesses voted ‘yes’ in favour of the second term. The BID is here to stay!

Team Members

Josh Edwards

Jake Johnston


Similar to a lot of our other doc work, the questions we asked here would be important. We needed to draw out answers that would evoke emotion within the audience. They had to really feel the impact the BID had and understand the implications of it’s potential loss. Alongside drawing up the questions a lot of work went in to organising the interviews throughout town. Everyone in the video is a business owner – they’re busy! We worked out of hours and kept it flexible to accompany them and limit interference of their day-to-days.


The most challenging thing about filming this one was being in ‘live’ locations. We were filming in busy shops where customers were coming and going and life continued to carry on in the background. We used our directional mic (Rode VideoMic Pro+) to ensure we got those all important sound bites, crisp and clean. For lighting, we used a mix of that natural glow from the windows, our own equipment and anything available inside each shop.


Using our interview footage, we took the answers from our different business owners and stitched them together, creating the story and backbone of the video. You’ll notice a recurring theme here if you’ve read up on some of our other case studies! With the backbone in place we then fleshed everything out with drone footage and b-roll. The beautiful thing here was that through our previous work with the BID, we had a tonne of footage from in and around Northwich to work with. The finished package really came together nicely and showed off the best of Northwich.


The video went live alongside the release of ballot papers. Our social media team chipped in by going from door to door with the local businesses, showing them video and striking up conversation about the BID. With thousands of views, comments and shares it had a real impact, giving people a real sense of price and even moving some to tears. This, along with the success of the overall campaign, translated in to a landslide 77% ‘YES’ result for Northwich BID 2. That’s a job well done!

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