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National Track Cycling Championships with Black Line Coaching


Whilst shooting the destination promo video ‘Visit Northwich’, British Olympian Pete Mitchell invited us to come along and capture the National Track Cycling Championships. We said Yes. Obviously.

The shoot was grueling. Arriving at 8am, we had the cameras rolling non-stop for 13 hours capturing everything from setup to climax. One minute we would be track-side capturing world class athletes flying past us at 40mph, the next we were up in the roof of the velodrome, looking for those perfect crowd reactions. It was real run and gun. Exhausting, but we loved every second.

Team Members

Josh Edwards


In terms of shooting a video, this was our first foray into the sporting world. A lot of pre-production was spent researching other sporting event recap videos online, drawing inspiration from those who have gone before us. From this, we devised the perfect shot list. It was this forward planning that really helped to make the day a success.


We knew that because of the nature of the event – something that was live, ever-changing and completely out of our control, we would have to be very ‘run and gun’. We had to get what we could, making the light work, moving around constantly whilst ensuring not to disrupt the athletes and their preparation, as well as the crowds and their view! It could have been absolute chaos, but planning out the huge shot list really helped keep our focus narrowed.


With a tonne of footage captured over the course of a 13 hour day, we spent a lot of time sifting through trying to find the very best shots. With our inspiration from other sporting videos, we knew that we wanted to go for a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping feel. To achieve this, finding the right piece of music was really important. It took a while and felt a little risky, but we finally found and settled on an aggressive punk piece. From that, with the changes in tempo and mood we were able to cut the fast race pieces and slower build-up sequences perfectly. At the end of this, we still felt there was something missing. We wanted to have that first-person view on track. Rules and regulations didn’t allow us to have cameras fitted to the bikes or athletes at any time during the actual competition so we headed back to the velodrome a few weeks later to get those all important finishing touches with the GoPro. Going that extra mile in terms of effort always pays off!


Black Line Coaching were thrilled with the video and used it as a main piece of their marketing across their website and social media platforms, helping to raise awareness about their brand and bring new people on board. For us, we’re really happy to have our first ‘sports video’ feather in the cap. We had a blast filming this and are keen to do a whole lot more! Get in touch.

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