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Last year we were thrilled to team up with LiveWire, a leisure provider based in Warrington. The brief was to create a short promotional piece that showcased the best of LiveWire and encouraged people to sign up for the new year in 2020. 

The health and fitness market is extremely competitive at the start of each year due to the number of people committing to new resolutions and setting goals to get fitter and more healthy. The aim of this project was to create a visual piece that highlighted why LiveWire should be the gym provider of choice for Warrington residents.

Team Members

Josh Edwards

Jake Johnston

Kat Hooker


Pre-production was essential for this project. The success of the piece simply wasn’t possible without the hours of planning beforehand. With just a minute to play with, we knew we had to be really direct and calculated with each and every shot. Over many hours, we put together a storyboard that ticked all the important boxes, from the people involved, the exercises and locations featured, to the music and the colour grade. This document guided the whole production.


We visited several of the different LiveWire gyms in Warrington and shot hours upon hours of footage over a three week period. We recruited real LiveWire members who all represented a different demographic as wanted this piece to be raw, real and relatable. It was important to us that the video didn’t feature unattainable ideals. We wanted to show that the gym is for everyone of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. There were underwater pool shoots, intense workout sessions, fun tennis games and even a relaxing spa treatment. 


Editing was a big job. We had purposefully over-shot with each of our volunteers so that we could produce separate cuts for a social media campaign. However, for the main one minute promo, it meant we had a lot to whittle down. Over the course of two weeks we chopped, moved, layered and adjusted to a slick, punchy beat that makes you want to get up and go. We paid particular attention to the movements on screen, trying to match sequences and clips so that it flowed almost seamlessly.


The finished video went live across LiveWire’s social platforms on Friday 27th December, generating a lot of organic reach heading into the first week of January 2020. Alongside the rest of the marketing campaign, the video has helped to achieve more new year sign-ups than any previous year.

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