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Lister Mills with Urban Splash


On what was seemingly the last sunny day of 2018, Studio 24-7 teamed up with property regeneration titans Urban Splash to shoot a video at Lister Mills in Bradford.

The focus for this project was on their brand new ‘Lister’s Pods’. In their own words – ‘high on top of the Grade II listed Velvet Mill, these outrageously modern zinc-clad penthouses are a striking contrast to the original mill building from 1838’.

With stunning views out across Bradford and an iconic building with a 249ft chimney, this was perfect for a bit of drone action. 

Team Members

Josh Edwards


Urban Splash wanted this video to focus on their ‘Lister’s Pods’ project, so it was imperative we did our research on that, reading up about the main selling points of the project. What made these pods so special? What’s the history behind this building? What awards have been won? Who’s involved? It was also clear from the offset that this location would be perfect for drone work so we set about our preparation for that with all the necessary planning and paperwork.


Because of the stunning views across Bradford – the main selling point of these pods – we had to be patient and wait for the right weather window. We needed clear skies and sunshine. When it finally came we went in all guns blazing, shooting from dawn through to dusk. The drone provided us with the stunning wide shots we needed to emphasize the scale of Lister Mill’s and showcase how striking the pods were. We were big fans of the ‘reveal’ pan where the drone is rising up, focused on the pods but then slowly revealing the epic cityscape behind them. We also utilised our DSLRs to get some important interior shots that compliment and break up the drone sequences, giving the viewer a thorough overall picture. In order to really capture the space inside, we went with a super wide-angle 14mm lens.


When it came to post production, we quickly realised that it would be possible to make more than one video with all the footage we’d captured. So alongside the main edit, we created a second edit that utilised After Effects to provide interesting facts about the building and project. Lister Mills is such an iconic landmark in Bradford so this was our way of doing it justice. Both the videos are short and snappy to keep the audience engaged. There’s enough here to give a real taste, but we kept it fresh and snappy by cutting to the beat of tracks. These were specifically chosen to match the modern, stylish feel of the project.


Urban Splash used the original ‘hero’ video as their outward facing piece. You can see it in place here on their web page all about Lister’s Pods. The second piece with tracker text facts is used for bids and award entries. 

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