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Northwich Independents Campaign


We were approached to produce a series of videos highlighting the independent businesses in the local town and the impact the Northwich Business Improvement District has had on them. As an independent ourself, we were keen to give a little back. With so many bodies involved we knew we’d need all team members on board for this one.

Team Members

Ben Harris

Dan Bird

Rich Evans

Kat Hooker


We’re all about story at Studio 24-7. It’s what connects us as humans. For this project we simply wanted the businesses to share a little bit of their unique, individual stories so we really focused on what questions we would ask in the interviews. How would certain questions deliver the answers and material that we were looking for?


Logistics, logistics, logistics. Shooting 13 separate videos about 13 separate businesses was a real challenge. But we love a challenge and we thrive in projects that demand communication and organisation. Alongside the different lighting and sound setups for each individual interview shoot, we also had to ensure we got sufficient amounts of footage showcasing each business in action.


In the edit room, we used the footage we’d captured to stitch together each story. It was really important that each video felt unique and tailored to that business. Alongside the shoot we utilised Dan’s skills in animation to produce a short intro that ties the series together under one umbrella.


Promoting the campaign to a wide audience across multiple platforms meant optimising the videos and social posts to ensure we had the desired impact. A video that does well on Facebook doesn’t necessarily work for Instagram or Twitter in the same way. There are nuances with each platform and audience that we’re highly tuned to.

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