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Great British High Street


In 2018 Northwich was shortlisted in the ‘rising star’ category for the Great British High Street competition. As part of this, Northwich BID commissioned Studio 24-7 to shoot a short film showcasing exactly why Northwich High Street is one of the best around. Ultimately, we needed this video to encourage the townspeople to share it with the hashtag #GBHSNorthwich – 30% of the competition was judged on social media interaction.

This year, Northwich was again shortlisted as a Rising Star. For this fresh campaign, we took the original video and re-purposed it, cutting up each individual interview into it’s own piece of content. Alongside this we conducted new interviews – the audio from this was laid over photos of each interviewee. Again, each interview created it’s own piece of content, giving us a large number of posts to utilise across a number of different platforms that raised awareness and support for the campaign.


Team Members

Ben Harris

Josh Edwards

Jake Johnston



Similar to the Independent business series we’d shot earlier in the year, we wanted this video to have real story, community spirit and heart at it’s core. That was important if we wanted people to connect with it and share. Developing a video of this nature required some searching interview questions in order to get to the bottom of how people felt about the town.


As the video is interview based, getting clear sound was key. We utilised a two-man crew here – one operating the camera and the other for sound. The results speak for themselves. Some of our interviewees had never been in this environment previously but, using our experience and knowledge, we were able to ease them in to the process and calm any nerves.


With the key questions we’d developed in pre-production, we now had specific answers from each interviewee that allowed us to really craft this story. Using excerpts from each shoot, we were able to stitch together a finished product that really nails the brief. Everything, down to music choice, was done in a very intentional, purposed way.


With real story, community spirit and heart at it’s core, the video struck a chord with many viewers on social media. It had the desired impact, generating a large number of comments and shares on Facebook that helped Northwich eventually finish 2nd out of 153 entrants. It confirms what we’ve always believed here at Studio 24-7 – story is everything!

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