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Echo Falls Concept Video


Working together with our sister-brand Solutions 24-7 who wanted to expand their service options with existing client Echo Falls, we developed a video pitch showcasing all the ways we can market and promote their brand.

We take our audience at Echo Falls on a journey through Manchester, showing them how we can develop social media branding and advertising, print and install billboards, bus posters and, most importantly, video and animation.

Team Members

Josh Edwards

Jake Johnston


With just the one day to shoot everything in Manchester, we needed to have everything in place so things would run seamlessly. A LOT of work went in to this. Phone calls were made to lock in the various locations (coffee shops, Air Bnb’s, nightclubs). Actresses were called in. Schedules and shot lists were drawn up. No minutes to spare. Everything story-boarded.¬†


Hitting record and rolling through the streets of Manchester was a dream. Because of all the meticulous planning and many hours that had been put into pre-production, everything went smoothly. Working with two cameramen, we captured different locations in tandem, coming together to work on the harder parts of the shoot to ensure lighting and continuity was all in order. As for those blasts of colour and fruit? A good ol’ fish tank setup that was carried out in our office the week before. Seriously. We fired ink from pipettes in a big fish tank full of water. Should probably write a blog about it.


Again, because of how much work went into pre-production, post-production was really streamlined and straight forward. Using the storyboard as our guide, we were able to stitch together the footage and story easily. The real work on this project came in producing all of the motion graphics you see throughout the video. Facebook feeds, messaging threads and all kinds of other promotional material for Echo Falls was built from the ground up by Jake. What a wizard.


Shhh. Nobody has actually seen this yet. Apart from you! The piece was originally for a pitch with Echo Falls. We love it so much and we’re so proud of it. We’ve been dying to share it with the wider world. As for Echo Falls? They loved it too!

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