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Shooting video for an event is a big job! Once an event is done and finished, you can’t go back and redo a shot. You only get one chance to capture the action. This means that PREPARATION IS KEY! At an event shoot you are constantly filming so it’s a good idea to try and streamline the process and make it as easy as possible to capture the best shots. The Studio 24-7 team have filmed video at many events in the past and learnt a few lessons about preparation along the way.

1. Check Your Gear

It’s a horrible feeling turning up to a shoot and realising you’ve forgotten some vital equipment, so make sure you check your gear the night before. Pack your equipment slowly and make sure you have everything. Don’t forget about batteries and memory cards too! You don’t want to cut your shoot short because you’ve run of batteries.


TOP TIP – Write down a checklist of all the equipment you need and tick off the items as you pack them.


2. Make Shot Lists & Timetables

As you only get one chance to film an event, you must know where you need to be and when. This will help you avoid missing any key shots or angles. This is especially important if there are two of you shooting the event. You both need to know which angles you’re covering to make sure you capture every aspect of the event.


TOP TIP – Over-communicate with your client. Check with them if there are any specific shots in mind they want capturing – this will ensure you don’t miss a single thing.


3. Get There Early

It’s a good idea to arrive early so you can get a feel for the venue. Start observing where you want to be to capture the best shots. If you don’t give yourself enough time before the shoot, you might end up rushing to set up, resulting in mistakes being made and possibly missing something. Bear in mind that before filming an event, you may have to listen to a health and safety talk or admin work, so definitely get there in plenty of time.


TOP TIP – Practise setting up your equipment so when you get there you know exactly what to do and how long it will take you.


The majority of video shoots require preparation however you only get one chance to film an event, meaning preparation is essential! Don’t leave yourself in the lurch by not being ready. Remember… failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

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