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Our blog of the best Christmas movies blogs

We know this is a little meta. Oh well. Personally when we look for a Netflix Christmas banger to watch, it takes trawling through 5 terrible blogs to find one that really knows what it’s talking about. So to save you the pain of reading and re-reading the same uninspired list over and over again, here are some Christmas movie blogs that will give you a little something special.

    Esquire – The 40 Best Christmas Movies of All Time

    Might as well start with a big one. Esquire have compiled a huge list here, ranked in order and each with its own little blurb. We’ll give it to Esquire, it’s a comprehensive list, and one you’ll surely find useful!

    Home Alone, The Night Before and Batman Begins are a few of our favourite picks – yes you read that correctly.

    Their number one pick is a little vanilla though, even if it is a classic.



    Cosmopolitan – 31 of the best Christmas movies and TV specials to watch on Netflix

    This one is important for two reasons. Firstly, we rarely watch anything that isn’t on Netflix these days so felt like a Netflix based blog would help you out the most. Secondly, it includes TV specials! These are perfect when you’re not feeling like sitting down for an hour and a half of festivities, or have some exciting Christmas party to go to.

    They also have a little bit of an ‘out there’ choice for their number one pick, which we enjoyed!



    Screenrant – 10 Disney Christmas Movies

    The first of two Screenrant blogs in this list. Here they’ve niched down on a niche, and highlighted Disney’s prowess at Christmas movies. There are some great and some not-so-great picks in here, but the nostalgia is real.

    A pretty comprehensive, movie buff style blurb is included on each one which just adds to the finesse of this blog.



    Screenrant – 10 Best Christmas Horror Movies

    We’re not going to lie, we’ve only heard of 3/10 of this list. Regardless, from the descriptions Screenrant uses below each film, we want to make sure we hit the other 7 before the big day. Can’t beat a little Christmas themed horror to break the festive monotony.

    No. 1 is actually a movie we’ve heard of, and flew under the radar until its release in 2015 where it recouped its meagre budget, and then some.


    Country Living – 18 best Christmas Movies for Kids on Netflix

    If you’ve got little ones to entertain this Christmas, might be best not to use the Screenrant Horror list for your movie choices. You might ruin the big day somewhat. Instead, Country Living have neatly collected 18 of the best children’s Xmas movies. Some of these are too new for us to have watched, some too old for us to remember.

    It’s an eclectic mix, however. A good one to keep the little ones entertained whilst you drown yourself in brandy.


    IMDb – Top 100 Christmas movies of all-time

    Not really a blog, but it is voted for by the public. IMDb is our go to resource for selecting any kind of movie. The amount of information it holds is just ridiculous! It’s also tied directly to Amazon Prime, so you can click through and purchase the film directly from the site.

    As its ratings are voted for by the public, the top picks are fairly predictable, but with 100 films on the list you should be able to find something you love, or haven’t seen!



     And that’s it! Thanks for reading, we hope this helped you in choosing your list of movies to fill this festive period with. Let us know in the comments if you watched anything new, and if so, how was it? We’re still building our list out so would love your feedback.

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