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Lighting for your Instagram

Recently the managing director of Solutions 24-7, our parent company, sat down the Studio production team and told us he was starting a vlog.


“Great. That’s exciting for you, Mike. Where do we come in?”


Here we were expecting our editing backlog to be inundated with footage of our bosses busy life schedule, but instead he asked for our advice.


“How do I light my videos?”


Ah. Our specialty.


He wanted to know how to make his videos look better in the simplest way possible. After talking at him for more than the allotted number of minutes about the benefits of windows, side-lighting and Rembrandts triangle, we decided it might be a good idea to get all this down in blog format for you, our loyal readers, to use.

Use Windows

This obviously only works if you’re filming inside, in the daytime. The idea is that you have an inbuilt soft box for wonderful side lit set-up. Simply face the window either straight on or (preferably) at a 45-degree angle and start rolling. It’s as simple as that.

Artificial Lights

Obviously some things happen in the evening. Not like that you filth. When the sun isn’t up, windows aren’t going to work as light sources. In this situation you need artificial lighting. There are a few options here, but the most important thing you need to know is that you should rarely, if ever, shine a light directly onto your subject. The best two ways of directing light are:


Bounce lighting– super simple. Basically you bounce the light off of a bright, opaque surface (like a white wall).


Diffusion– again, super simple. All you do is put something bright and translucent in front of your light. Just make sure nothing is going to catch fire by separating the bulb from the material.


Outside of directing light, you can use a really powerful dedicated video light to light your videos. In these cases, you will be able to use a dimmer switch to change the brightness of the light meaning it may be possible to shine the light directly at the subject. A few options for these lights are:


LED Light Panel– Aperture do these very well and very affordably. It’s a series of LEDs set onto a panel that work together to create a single light source. Sometimes they are even bi-colour meaning that you can change the colour temperature of the light. That’s really cool.


Click here for Aperture Light Panel


Ring Light– A beauty/fashion photography favourite. Ring lights get rid of unwanted shadows on the face, positioning the camera in the middle of a ring. This will give you consistent lighting in pretty much any conditions.

 Click here for a ring light

A Conclusion

As you can see, there are a few different options for you as a beginner vlogger/social media whiz. Try out a few options a see what you think! Tag us if you want to show off what you’ve made.

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