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How to make your application stand out from the crowd

Recently, Studio 24-7 hired a new member of staff to help with everything from admin and sales to filming and editing. We had over 100 applicants in the space of just three weeks. Wow.

So, as somebody looking for their next job in film production and videography – how do you make your application stand out from the crowd? As you can imagine, we took a long time sorting through all these applications and throughout that process, we identified a few patterns – a few do’s and don’ts. By reading this, we’re hoping to provide some value to you so you can smash your next application!

    Show us, don’t tell us

    First off – the main thing we want to see from applicants is their work and portfolio. Show us, don’t tell us. Yes, CV’s and cover letters are important (we’ll get to those), but if you write about all these great experiences and projects you’ve been a part of, but we can’t see the physical end product, what’s the point?

    A huge part of how we identify the candidates we want to bring in for interviews revolves around their showreel and ‘key’ videos. After all, this is a visual industry. Take this opportunity to show off by linking your showreel and a few examples of work – the videos you’re most proud of. Make sure the links are easy to find (either in the email, the covering letter or your CV).

    An eye for detail

    The next one is super easy. Make sure your CV is neat and tidy. Relevant and grammatically correct. A lot of us aren’t the best spelers (see what we did there) so, it’s always handy to get a family member or friend to run a fresh pair of eyes over your CV, just to pick up on any easy mistakes. You may think it’s a tiny mistake, surely it doesn’t make that much of a difference?

    We understand that line of thinking, but at the same time, it kind of does matter (sorry!) Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors imply that you might be careless. You might rush your work and send it off without proof reading. It leads to the question of whether you’re paying attention to detail. Can we trust you to email clients important information? The same applies to your covering letter. Take the time to get everything in order.

    Know your brief

    On the topic of paying attention to detail, this next one is important. Take your time to read the job description and the brief. Understand what it is you need to do. A lot of people sent us a CV with not even a covering letter. No links, no showreel. Just a CV. We actually wanted people to send their CV, along with a three minute video they’d created, telling us more about them, showing off their work and telling us why we should hire them. The people who stood out to us were the ones who actually did this. If you can’t follow our brief, how can we trust you to follow the client’s?


    Finally, get your FBI hat on. It really doesn’t hurt to do some research. Whoever you’re applying to, get on Google and look to find out more about them. What’s the company about? Watch their previous work – what was your favourite video? Can you find people who work for this company on LinkedIn? If so, what makes them tick? Subtly incorporate all of this into your covering letter (it’ll be useful for any interviews too) – you’ll impress and stand out.

    We hope these little pointers help you! This industry is really competitive so the tiniest little things can make all the difference. Good luck in the job hunt! And be patient. This process takes time. Don’t let one ‘no’ set you back. Keep chipping away and networking until you find the right opportunity. With that being said, keep your eyes peeled for the next opportunity specifically at Studio 24-7. As we build and grow, we will hire again. If you’re reading this in preparation for applying to us, well done.

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