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There are so many factors that affect the final cut of any edit. Whether it’s the shots you choose to include, the different angles you show or how the clips are ordered – there are so many decisions! But all of these decisions are important!

One of the most significant choices you’ll have to make when editing a video is the music. The music you choose to compliment your project will make or break the final cut.

We’ve filmed a sit-down video where we take you through choosing the right music for your edit. We even include some examples of when choosing the right (and wrong) music tracks completely change your final outcome.



 It can sometimes take hours (or even days) to find the right track for the edit but it’s so important to stick with it until you do. The music you select will be the backbone of the edit. It sets the tone, emotion and the pace of the whole video.

You need to have a vision or an idea of what you want the tone of your video to be. If you’re going for a fast-paced edit then obviously slow, soft music won’t fit. You’ll need to pick a track that is quicker and more upbeat.

Remember, the same piece of music won’t work for all of your edits. You may come to love a certain track you pick but it won’t suit the style of all of your videos.

At Studio, we like to use Epidemic Sound for royalty free music. It’s a really useful tool for finding the perfect track for any edit. It allows you to search for a song by its name or by a movement/move.

For example, when we edited footage of a fast-paced bike track event, we selected music that was angry in mood and busy/frantic in movement. This ensured that the track fit with the overall tone of the video perfectly.


Although it can sometimes be a long process finding the right music, it is worth it in the end. Matching your edit to the perfect track makes the video even more effective and adds a lot of value.


Watch a teaser of our video below and head to our Facebook page to watch the full video!

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