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Gear Review: Aputure AL-F7


Lighting is hugely important in image quality. How many times have you heard that? I remember just starting out in the video industry and making all kinds of excuses about why I wasn’t investing in lighting.

“It’s too expensive.”

“I don’t have enough space.”

“I do event videography, I don’t have the time to set lights up for my shots.”

With the new Aputure AL-f7, all of these excuses become invalid. Small, powerful, multi-purpose and with affordable, it seems the AL-f7 has it all for run-and-gun and studio videographers alike. Just to make sure Aputure was living up to it’s name, we took the AL-f7 to our most recent event shoot. In the following review we’ll tell you why you should make the AL-f7 a part of your kit, whether you’re just starting out or you’re the Gaffer on the next Marvel movie.




  • Weight: 260g
  • Size: 158x87x34mm

With something this small, there’s no excuse not to include it in your kit.




  • CRI > 95
  • Temp range: 3200-9500k
  • Bi-colour LED
  • Illumination at 1m: >1500Lux

For it’s size and price, there’s not really anything on the market right now that can rival the AL-f7. Coming complete with a USB-c, Sony NPF battery mount and D-Tap, if you’re into that. Another vastly useful feature is that the AL-f7 goes down to a true 1% brightness level, which is something you don’t notice is a problem until you need it.

As if that wasn’t enough, it’s durable too. Aputure claim that you can use this little light panel for 100,000 hours before it hits it’s limit.

Ease of Use


With a temperature indicator, brightness percentage and battery indicator neatly situated on the back, you’ll never be left wondering what your doing. This makes it especially great for run-and-gun event work, where you might not have the time to play around with settings to figure out what the perfect set-up is.

The control dial right next to the LEDs is well built and efficient. It’s multi-purpose too, which means with one push of the dial you’ll here a satisfying little ‘click’ and you’ll have switched controls. A LED lit indicator is used in the corner of both the temperature and brightness displays to show you which you are controlling with the dial.




Coming in at around £106.80 from CineGearPro, and most other retailers, the AL-f7 is as affordable as it gets when it comes to Aputure LED Light panels. The output, quality and size of the AL-f7 make it one it a high value purchase for anyone involved in photo or video work.

You will have to buy batteries or a power brick separately however. Though this is a slight downside, it’s to be expected from an on camera light from a lighting company.

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