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Over the years, our in-house drone pilot Josh Edwards has been around the world shooting all kinds of incredible landscapes. Whilst airborne, he always takes a moment to switch from video to photo to grab a few snaps. Here, he talks about some of his favourite places around the world to take amazing drone shots.


There are so many glorious locations to capture incredible drone images in Australia. From the vast beaches to the cityscape skylines, Australia has it all.



This stunning photograph was taken on the east coast of Australia. When it comes to taking a good drone shot, use your unique point of view to find patterns and colours that have been painted by nature. You’ll often have a lot of luck along coastlines in warm/tropical climates where crystal blue waters meet golden sands. It looks beautiful without fail, every single time.


Again, nature is the greatest artist. Look at the colours! It had been a dream of mine to visit the Great Barrier Reef for as long as I can remember. To finally do it was so special and I came away with some gorgeous footage and photos. This particular snap is my favourite because it shows the scale of everything. This was just one tiny reef as well!


I think this is one of my best city shots. I don’t take many because primarily I’m all about beautiful landscapes but as a photographer it’s important and refreshing to switch things up and do something a little different from time to time. I had a feeling the sunset that evening was going to be special and it didn’t disappoint! Everything lined up just right with the golden light pouring down the River Yarra. I love the Melbourne skyline too – it reminds me a lot of Manhattan.


The Lake District covers 912 square miles, most of which is stunning landscape that is screaming to be photographed. The incredible views of water, mountains and scenery makes for the perfect drone shot, especially when the timing is spot on.



The Lake District is infamous and renowned throughout the photography community worldwide and it’s not difficult to see why! I love this shot because it immediately takes me right back to that moment of serenity. It was so calm and still. A moment of blue delight before one of the best sunrises I have ever witnessed.


Iceland is a very different climate to Australia but it’s a location where you can capture equally stunning drone images. The cold weather should certainly not put you off from flying your drone here as the results are incredible.


Goðafoss is one of many epic waterfalls in Iceland. I loved the vibrant ice-blue colours that were present here – you almost feel cold just looking at the picture. This was probably the coldest drone flight I did. My hands went numb and blue but I kept flying because what I was looking at through my screen was so beautiful. I knew I was capturing something special. I’m surprised my battery didn’t freeze and die!


Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon was another highlight from Iceland. It’s one of those places that literally takes your breath away (and not just because it was so cold). I loved the different shades and tones of blue, as well as all the seemingly endless amount of broken ice scattered everywhere. It looks like shards of broken glass.


There are so many opportunities for amazing drone photography in Liverpool. With the River Mersey and world-famous waterfront to explore, it’s the perfect place to take flight and snap away.



A recent favourite of mine – I snapped this shot of the Queen Mary 2 as she departed from Liverpool. This sums up why I love drones so much. Ten years ago there was no chance in hell I was getting this shot, unless I hired out an expensive helicopter or something! Now, I can stand there on the shoreline and still get right close up and personal with one of the biggest ocean liners in the world.


Indonesia is home to some of the most striking views and vast landscapes. There’s so many locations to explore and what better way than with a birds-eye-view of the gorgeous backdrops.



During my time in Lombok there was a piece of land that jutted out into the Bali Sea. It was called Sunset Hill because it was the perfect place to watch sunset. However, it turned out the best thing to photograph here wasn’t the sunset, but the hill itself! Again, I love finding these patterns and contrasts of colour where land meets water. It always looks so pretty when looking at it from a birds-eye-view.


A picture tells a thousand words they say. Sometimes you don’t need a thousand words though. Quite simply, this was the best place I have ever camped in my life. It was absolutely unreal. A few mates and I were hiking up to the top of mount Rinjani in Lombok and our overnight campsite was on the crater rim. There was a sheer drop either side of this small knife edge, the sun was pouring through the clouds as it set. There was a lake, a lush green valley and an active volcano. Epic.

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