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What We Do

We tell your story with documentary-style video. Before any of the expensive cameras can roll, before any of the fancy drone work and slick editing transitions can be implemented, the story has to be in place. Story is king.



We produce bespoke videos driven by story. Whether you’re a local independent business with a message to spread, or an international brand looking for a new advertising campaign, we’re here to help.


Every business needs still images. Websites, social posts, events or company headshots, our in-house photographers can help you out.


Take to the skies to get the magic shot that helps your project stand out from the crowd. Alternatively, utilise our PfCO certified pilots to assist in construction and building surveying.


Why Video


Businesses using video as a marketing tool


Businesses intending to start using video in 2018


Marketers who say video has helped their clients understand their product


People convinced to buy after watching a related video


Consumers who would consider sharing a video they enjoyed with their friends

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